Search Engine

Technology makes ghosts of us all
We appear on the pages of others’ lives, years after being relevant
We drift through MySpace, are snared by Facebook, waft across YouTube
Wraiths, ghosts, visions…
Images in the guts of others that can’t be scratched out

We haunt each other like a past that won’t stay dead
It was never meant to be this way
Human memory is faulty for a reason
Is it better to forget?
I remember how to forget but my devices haunt me
As I haunt others

And when I am dead
Will others google my remains
As I google my fading memories?
When I am dead
Will I get any hits?

And if the seeker finds only an error:
“No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found”

Am I gone forever?

for Peter Puckall and Ariel Brosh