Support Endless War

The Grim Reaper counter-protesting at an MDS Impeachment Action
(Photo: Red Dragon / Next Left Notes)


NEW YORK, NY – This Friday, October 19, 2007, the Grim Reaper will defy organizers of the Iraq Moratorium and “befriend” military recruiters at the Times Square Recruiting Center, an unidentified zombie reported. “The initiative is in support of endless war,” the zombie said.

The second iteration of the Iraq Moratorium ( takes place on Friday and this time the forces of death and destruction are fighting back. The Grim Reaper has confirmed that he and “an army of the Undead” will kick off their “Support Endless War – Befriend the Bottom Line” campaign tomorrow. The campaign is an effort to support military recruiters and war profiteers – including those in the US government – with a rally at the Times Square Recruiting Center.

Apparently upset with Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) and other groups who have been doing “counter-recruitment” actions in an effort to halt the Iraq War, Reaper and the Undead have decided to act. “We’re tired of all this loose talk about peace,” the Grim Reaper said. “We support death and destruction – which is much more organic and sustainable than peace – and we are very proud to endorse George W. Bush’s policy of endless war,” he added.

“Bush and Cheney have been very good for business,” Mr. Reaper observed. “My stocks are up too – all of my favorite companies: Raytheon, Siemens, Halliburton. I love Bush and Cheney – and recruiters too,” he added. “They get lonely during long wars, being stuck ‘in the rear with the gear’ as a recently deceased poet once said…”

“The surge is a magnificient success,” said a zombie who looked shockingly like an Undead Richard Nixon – complete with a zombie dog named Checkers. “People need to give war a chance. Nobody lives forever – at least not the first time! Grim and I are standing up in support of death and bloodshed. It’s healthy, we believe. Let’s keep the mayhem alive. As Grim noted our stocks are up and and the War has enhanced the reputation of the US in the world community of felons and war criminals. Why risk that by working for peace? It shows no profit,” ‘Nixon’ noted. “George Bush may not be able to say Nuclear but he loves the bomb…and we love W!”

“The Bush war policy in Iraq could drag on for another decade or two if we act now to keep the Dream alive,” said Reaper. He urged all those who support endless war and its corollary – war profiteering – to assemble at the Times Square Recruiting Center, Friday, October 19 at 11 am. “Look for my sign – ‘I Love A Man In Uniform’,” said Reaper.

Join the forces of Death and Destruction in support of Empire and Endless War – come to Times Square, Friday, October 19 at 11 am. Recently deceased members of MDS and Pratt SDS will have grease paint and blood available for anyone wishing to join the hellspawn as a soldier in the army of the Undead. Hunker down with the demons until this peace craze blows over – Support Endless War! Befriend the Bottom Line!

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