Vertical Death

Sleepwalker consumption
American presumption
Disfigured autograph
Pharmaceutical intervention
Credit ratings
Vertical Death – It’s a laugh

Arthritic impulse
Oil change hypnotics
Erstwhile vices
Now decline you
Diseased extensive
Vertical Death – It’s hypertensive

Overkill over quick
No vital signs
A swollen prick
Engine seizures
Broken glances
Vertical Death – A Modern Dance

Xenophobic eroticism
Agoraphobic mysticism
Sociopathic networks
Unborn identities
Depraved sincerity
Vertical death – It’s high definition

Bumper sticker brainstorm
Empty stares
Life is adhesion
In search of
A well earned rest
Vertical Death – It’s manifest

New injuries
Latter day saints
Rude intrusions
Fresh coats of paint
Frozen spasms
Vertical Death – Instant Orgasm